How to register a custom domain name

A domain name is a URL that can be used to access your site or funnel. For example, is a domain name.

By default, your sites will be assigned a temporary domain based on your username. For example,

You do not need to purchase a custom domain name, but doing so has a couple of key advantages:

  1. A custom domain name will enable you to change your URL from to anything that you want (for example
  2. You will need a custom domain name to send marketing emails from the TPAs platform.

How to register a custom domain name:

Domain names are available from various retailers across the internet. We recommend GoDaddy. There are plenty of options on the market like Namecheap, - feel free to use whichever company you wish.

1. Choose a domain name service

We recommend GoDaddy because they provide unique suffixes that are not available to the mass market just yet, such as or 

Please be aware that .film suffixes can be more expensive. If you are on a budget choose .com or something else.

2. Pick your domain name

When choosing a domain name keep it simple. The title of your project or your personal name is ideal. You want it to be clean and easy to remember. is not a good choice.

3. Purchase the domain name

Register the domain name with your preferred company. Be careful of unnecessary add-ons - most domain name registrars will try to sell you hosting that you do not need (The Producers Agency is your host!). 

4. Register your domain with an email service. 

If you want to be able to send and receive emails personal emails from your domain name (e.g., you will need to register your domain name with an email service. (Like Google Workspace or Office 365

Some domain name registrars also allow you to set up an email account with them directly.

We recommend registering for a Google Workspace account. 

What is the difference between marketing email and automation with TPA? - Personal email & marketing email and automation are two different things. The Producers Agency can send marketing emails for you (once you link your domain inside the builder), but you will need a personal email account linked with your domain to receive and send individual communications.

To use your domain name with TPA you will need to link it with your account:

More instructions on how to achieve this:

1. How to link your custom domain name to your site/funnel

2. How to link your custom domain name to enable email marketing

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