How to restrict the regions a video project is available in?

1. Upload a video to your Agency Dashboard

We'll get straight to work on encoding it for you. (We create a couple of different versions for different platforms) It will take us between 15 minutes and a couple of hours. 

2.  Once your video is ready, click on the 'Embed' button to generate a new embed code.

You can control the regions that you wish the project to be available in when generating a new embed code. Each code you generate is different, and generating a new code will not affect codes previously generated. By default all the regions are activated. To restrict a region simply deselect it, before generating the code:

For example:

Deselecting these options will generate a code that will restrict access to the video project in the United Kingdom, United States and United States Minor Outlying Islands.

3. Save the embed code somewhere safe. 

This code can be used inside your web pages and funnels to display your video.

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