How to prepare a video file for upload?

1. Acceptable file formats

For best results, please use a .MP4 or .MOV file.
If you need to use a different format for some reason, please reach out to client support.

2. We recommend the following settings:

File Size
Keep your files below 4GB. In the majority of cases, this is more than sufficient for a feature-length HD file.
Larger file sizes do not automatically mean a higher quality visual. If you need to upload a larger file for any reason, please get in touch with client support.

Use one of these codecs: H.264, Apple RroRes 422 (HQ), or H.265

Frame Rate 
Choose a constant framerate of 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, or 60

Bit rate:
Also known as the 'data rate', the bit rate controls the visual quality and the size of the file. Controlling the bitrate is the best way to control the size of the file

Here is a rough guide:

Quality Bit rate (Mbps).                               
2 - 5
720p 5 - 10
1080p 10 - 20
2K 20 - 30
4K 30 - 60

The resolution and the aspect ratio of your file describe how many pixels and the shape of the screen. For common use on the web use a 16:9 aspect ratio, 1080p HD (1920x1080 pixels). 

You may wish to experiment with different aspect ratios (for example 4:3) where it makes sense artistically, but 16:9 ensures there is little to no black space on a typical screen.

Another often-used technique is to render a 16:9 video file, but include black bars on the file to 'letter-box' the video file.

Here is a handy table to use as a guide:

Format Resolution (px).           
Standard Definition (SD)
4:3 aspect ratio
640 x 480
Standard Definition (SD)
16:9 aspect ratio
640 x 360
720p HD
16:9 aspect ratio
1280 x 720
1080p HD
16:9 aspect ratio
1920 x 1080
16:9 aspect ratio
2560 x 1440
16:9 aspect ratio
3840 x 2160
17:9 aspect ratio
4096 x 2160
17:9 aspect ratio
8192 x 4320

We support all major colour primaries and matrices, but we recommend BT.2020 (Rec. 2020) or BT.709 (Rec.709)
In most cases, the colour space used by your post-production team will be automatically applied seamlessly.

We recommend setting your project to stereo. Projects with more than 2 channels are automatically downmixed to 2 channels for the best results in the digital space.
We recommend a data rate of 320 kbits/s, with an AAC-LC (Advanced Audio Codec) and a sample rate of 48kHz.

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